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March 18, 2007




see you are not alone with holding out on jumping on the bella train. I have not yet neither.... But now after seeing your card, I rally want to as well. I love your card!!! It's inspired me to buy that exact stamp (group of stamping bella's?). However I am not able to find it on their website... Can you guide me in the right direction, please? Thanks again for the great tutorial!


Wonderful card and tutorial Ellen!


You're not the last - I don't have any bellas yet either! Love what you did with them!

Dana Jones

It is funny you should mention the paper doll thing...I was doing a stamp camp yesterday and one of the cards was a bella...with designer paper clothes and one of the girls said...this reminds me of paper dolls! Just thought I would share this with you!

Your card is fabulous as always!


Your bellas are absolutely adorable, Ellen!! I love the Phoebe paper!

Juanita (Toni173)

GASP, GASP again, finally, shut my gaping mouth! Ellen, you've taken the Bella's to another level...out of the stratosphere! I fell in LOVE with them the very first moment I saw them and now you've given me a reason for them to bring me even more Joy. Your work is beautiful, TFS, TFS, TFS and inspiring!!


Very charming indeed! Alas, I am one of those still left out there with no Bella's to play with. :o(
Love the idea of using the patterned paper to dress them up. Ida


Nice to see Bella's done in a different way other than coloured. Nice attention to detail.

Lisa C.

thank you for the step by step on how to dress them, this is what I have been wanting to do for a while, but never seen a step by step on how to do this, this helps me so much! Thanks! they look great and I agree with the ribbon!


My Bellas are due to arrive today. I guess I will start dressing them up!!!

Judith Novak

WOW! as always you take stamping to a higher level and pass your creative ideas on to others. Thanks, Ellen!

Debbie Olson

No Bellas here yet either, Ellen! These are just too sweet though--I love the patterned paper dresses!

Rose Ann

Your Bellas are stylin' chicks!! I love how you've "dressed" them! Thanks for sharing the process with us. ;)

lexi daly

your bellas are awesome and you're not the last to get them! my first bellas arrived in the mail yesterday and here's what i did today...

so much fun! i mostly colored and painted them in, but i did do paper patchwork for cakeabella's apron!

:) lexi

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

Wow ~~ lots of work but the end result is phenomenal!!! Love it (& no you're not the last to get the Bellas ~~ I have nary a one!!!)

Jennifer H

This is sooo cute!!! I must have the stamp(s). Where can I find them? Please tell! I need me some Bellas!

Joan B

Oh for goodness sake. This rocks!! Now all your bellas need are a few "pearls"!!

by the way, you are not the last one to buy these -- I'm a hold out!


Oh my! I love how you dressed your Bellas!! Beautiful job!

Linda C

Tooooooooooo cute, tooooooooo fun & sooooooooo creative!!


Very cute card! I too am addicted to cutting out Bella's clothes - they add so much fun to the card and it makes me feel like a kid again!! :)

Viv (VivLyn)

How creative! They turned out very cute! I'll have to see what patterned paper I have to make a dress out of.


Nope, you're not the last one to get the Bellas. I've been putting it off for too long now apparently. Thanks for the amazing idea!!! Guess I'll have to get some Bellas so I can play dress up too! :)

Lisa Strahl

Too much fun you clever girl! :D

Sharon Harnist

OMGosh, those Bellas are to die for, Ellen -- love their dresses!


Very cool, thanks for showing the process of dressing the girls, they are too cute!

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