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January 13, 2007


George Hanover

I love a fellow enthusiast and folding-bone lover ... but this article is misleading. No one knows when or where bine corset stays like this were invented (guess)--and I'd reckon whoever owned the Teflon formula made the first Teflon bone folder. And if I may add, the grammar in this is atrocious.


You mention in your article that Yan started his company "around 7 years ago," which would be about 2000. However, I was already using a Teflon folder in 2000.

Actually, the Teflon folder was invented many years before that by Dennis (Denny) Ruud, who is well-known in the book arts community for this invention.


What a wonderful story!
I too would not use anything but the Teflon folder and the Score It thanks to you and your generosity. I am so happy with these tools, they've made a huge difference. TFS

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