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December 30, 2006



Hi Ellen,
You must be crushed! Are you sure one of the legs was not tight and simply gave out? Your camera should be covered by your homeowners policy.
Best wishes for a happy solution,

Alison Solven

I'm so sorry to read about your camera. I could just feel your excitement reading the post. If you purchased your camera with VISA or American Express (it has to be a specific Amex card) you can possibly have it replaced. I know my sister had her camera repaired when it fell through her VISA insurance because she paid for it with her credit card. Good Luck!

Barbara V

Oh Ellen...I am sooo sad about that! I am still sitting here with one hand over my mouth and trying to type with the other. I so hope something works out for replacement.


What a total bummer. So sorry you lost your new toy. Thanks for warning us about the law of physics!


My stomach hurts thinking about this. I'm so sorry!

Erica T

Maybe someone else posted this already, didn't have the time to read them all at this time. Check to see if you have insurance if it wasbought on a credit card, we had a similar experience and it was covered by VISA insurance... I sure hope that you are able to get it replaced...


Tears over here as well. Crossing fingers for good old VISA. I recall they USED TO run commercials about these kinds of things.


Ellen, so sorry to hear about your camera - I can feel the heart sinking as it crashed! I hope you can replace your camera as suggested in the prior comments. Let us know what happens! Sandy


OK...I have not had time to read all the posts so apologise if this has been suggested already but if you paid with your VISA card (and probably MC also) it should be covered with their them is a great service!


Oh Ellen! (((HUGS))) I'm so sad for you right now. I know how excited you were about your new camera. I'll be hoping for a miracle too!


TFS Ellen. As usual you are thinking about helping others. I feel soooooooo badly for you. Ughhhh, how devastating. I will ask a special prayer for your comfort and some kind of miracle that will awe you of God's work.

Insert huge warm hug here.

danita (moberkitty)

Oh Ellen, that sooooo sucks!!!!! :( I would be devastated. I'm soooo sorry this happened!!!! :(


I am so sorry this happened to you. I cannot even imagine. I would be hysterical. (((HUGS)))


oh i am so sorry that this happened! i felt the sadness and started to stress half way down the story you were telling. it's ok to have a few days of "mourning" and sadness, it is only material, but GOSH you have wanted and waited so long, so the sadness and tears are justified.
be patient, behind every closed door is a window opening.. your camera will be fixed somehow...
meantime, hug! hug! hug!
so so sorry,

A. Sanborn

OMG Ellen!!! I think we can all feel your sorrow! I do believe in miracles, so I wouldn't hang up the pcs. just yet! Give your homeowners insurance agent a ringy-dingy along with NIKON. In the meantime I'd be scouring the box and booklet for TRIPOD and CAMERA disaster warnings... should be in there! ((((( CYBER HUGS )))))

Joan B

Hugs through the internet!


Ellen, OH MY GOSH!! I am so sorry, dear heart!!! It must be heart breaking - you are kind to share the misfortune so others will not live through your same pain. I wish you a better 2007 and maybe a miracle will come true for you with camera karma!! I HOPE :)


Ellen, I'm so sorry that happened! We just got the D80 too and I'm sure you were loving it! I hope that you can get it fixed soon.


Ellen, talk to Nikon... you never know what they might do... I'm so sad for you when these random acts occur. What a bummer. (((((HUGS))))))


Oh my gosh Ellen. Thank you so much for this info. I got the exact same camera and tripod for Christmas and I would have never thought of that. My hubby got mine with an extended warranty. Maybe you could try that route. I will think happy and good thoughts.


I am so very sorry to hear of your mishap. I will be thinking positive thoughts that things come out right for you.


Oh Ellen, my heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry this has happened. I don't know what to say. I hope that maybe, somehow, it's fixable. Hugs

Gina K

I am just sick for you. I love my DSLR and I would cry it that happened to me. Thanks so much for sharing that story on SCS to warn us.

I hope somehow that your homeowners covers that. Keep us posted on what happens. I'll keep you in my prayers.
Gina K.

Debbie Olson

Ellen, yikes! I feel awful for you. . . I'd be majorly sad too. :-(

Kathy D

Ellen -

So sorry that physics got you!

Did you purchase the camera with a credit card??? (there might be some insurance coverage with that?)

Homeowner's insurance? (although the rates may go up more than the cost of your camera)

Is the tripod a new purchase??


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