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November 25, 2006



YAY!!! You did it!!! I am sooo proud of you!!! You are bound to be a success! Hugs!


YIPPEEEEEEEE!!! Looks FABBY, Ellen!!! So awesome, and you GO, girl!!!

Joan Bardee

I much prefer to buy from a real person~~ I'll be checking out your store and when I have the $$$$ will place an order. Good luck

Lisa Strahl

Yeah Ellen!!! :D


Congrats and best of luck to you in your new business adventure!! Your site looks great!!


Congrats, girl! Is this so incredibly exciting or what?!?!


Congrats on the website, it absoulutely ROCKS!! I love everything about it, super easy to navigate, product descriptions and photo's are very well done, the whole site is great! My hubby is going to have a very LONG list of things to get me for Christmas! I'm so happy and excited for you!

Jen Stevenson

I'm so excited for you and proud of you for taking this on!! You are an amazing woman Ellen.


The site is awesome, easy to navigate, the items are easy to see (no squinting), and it works soooooooo well when you order. I love it.

Cindy Keery

Your web store looks great! I particularly like your cupcake images.

I was just wondering if your stamps are red rubber mounted on wood? I couldn't find any photos of the actual stamps or a description of what the stamps are like.


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