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August 14, 2006



I have been visiting your website for a couple of months, but just discovered this area where you are teaching design and color theory. My college days were long ago so I don't remember much about design - I just design. Thank you so much for the stimulating information. I especially love the section on helpful and interesting. Thank you, Thank you, thank you!


I love reading these entries on the elements of design. I really love color and now I will be thinking more about how I want to use it to portray emotions. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing your insight.


Very interesting. I like how you described how the colors make you feel. I'm going to have to disagree about gray though. I love it as a neutral.


You amaze me with your talents. Wowzer!!! I'm in awe....and your knowledge of design, ...too cool!

Taryn Huskins

Great lesson. I always have a hard time choosing colors. It never even occured to me to think about what moods I want to convey in relation to color.

June Link

This explains alot to me about my color preferences. I'm excited to apply this concept to my work in the home, garden and with paper crafting :) Thanks so much Ellen for your wonderful source of information.

Charlee Gunderson

WOW!!!!.... All I can say is WOW. You are so awesome to share your knowledge and wisdom with all of us. I read you first installment this morning and came back this evening to see if you had added any to it. Your explanation of color makes it so real. And your descriptions of the different colors and what they convey or evoke was awesome. All I can say is my heartfelt Thank You. You have really blessed me.

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