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August 14, 2006




I took a color theory class about twenty-years ago, your blog certainly brings back things I had totally forgotten. By appying these princples, hopefully, it won't take me five days to make a decision about a card/layout. LOL

Thanks for the great lessons, and please keep them coming, I can't get enough. If your goal is to teach, inspire, and excite you have succeeded.

You are awesome.



This is great! I have recently found that I love photography as well as stamping and these principles are so good to know for any kind of visual art. Please keep them coming.


I share the same feelings as Silverdragoness and Jocelyne. I have always told the rest of my stamp club that I'm not creative, but I can copy anything. I never know how to lay it out, or put colors together. Just like Jocelyne, I find a sample in the gallery to follow.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and's priceless!


Victoria Plaugher

Excellent information. I'm very glad you decided to put it on your blog. Please keep it coming as your busy schedule permits.

Amber Baker

Please keep sharing!! I am enjoying your wealth of knowledge.

Taryn Huskins

This is exactly what I've been searching for on the net and have not been able to find. Thank you so much for sharing your expertice.

Jocelyne Lowe

I can't say that I understand everything you have said, because what you are saying is a mouthful. I need to digest this slowly, as if I were a cow chewing its cud. I believe that you are breaking down many mysterious barriers that have prevented many from tapping into their creative selves. I know that this topic of color has intimidated me all my life. I never could get past its mystery long enough to attempt a quilt (an unfulfilled passion). I am sooo greatful that you have introduced me to a starting point and now I know this point begins inside of me. I don't need to search the gallery before I can sit down to make a card for someone I feel for. I can reflect on those emotions that I wish to express. I am going to have to print this out and muse over it some more. Thanks for all the hard work and passion that you put into this blog. lol Jocelyne


What a wonderful idea! Can't wait for the next installment.

bevie pearl

Ellen, This will be so fun to learn from you!! Thanks for sharing your blog and your information!!

Elissa Rene

Ellen, your blog is one of my favorites! You are so willing to help everyone and do it with a smile, I love reading everything you write and I find it helps me so much in my creative process! As an ex-interior design major..I find this all terribly fascinating as well! Thanks so much!

Charlee Gunderson

Ellen, Thank you, thank you, thank you. This came along just when I was thinking that I needed to find something else to focus my attention on. I love stamping but have been dissatisfied with my work lately and felt like I was not creative in my ownself, as I needed a visual before I could start to stamp something. This will help me so much. Please keep sharing because you are helping at least one person become all that they can be.


I found this very interesting. Please continue. :)


Ellen, please continue this wonderful dseminar! I'm finding it very helpful.


This is great and just what I need! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

Laurie Couture

This is terrific, and EXACTLY what I've been looking for to help me take my stamping to some new levels. Thank you SO much, and PLEASE - keep sharing!! :-)


I find this fascinating.....don't stop!

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