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April 16, 2014


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Absolutely fantabulous! Your creative talent is amazing and such an inspiration. The video is so great and full of such useful information. Thanks for sharing.

carmen g

JULIE!!! If this whole reincarnation thing works out, I wanna come back as YOU!!! The best thing about your videos and the thing that separates you from the pack is that you never give the impression you sit down and produce perfection right off the bat. You aren't afraid to show things that don't work, along with your efforts to MAKE them work! This is how we learn but you are the only person I've found who has the guts to show everything....even if it means tossing it and starting again!!! The only negative is that every time I watch your videos, my husband complains we're a bit poorer from it because he KNOWS that an order to Ellen always follows! HAH! TY so much!!!!


Awesome article, Julie! Love all the different techniques you shared! Gorgeous stuff, girl!

Sue McRae

Lots of fun ideas Julie! Thanks for sharing your experimentations with us!

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