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May 15, 2009


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Swati chavan

Hi, need some help... I'm a beginner , I live in India , where we get nothing much under the name of scrap booking materials during one of my visits to the US, saw some clear stamps loved them found them interesting so bought a few, then I had to buy the inks so someone suggested colourbox , so bought a few of those on line , now felt the need to fill in colors in the stamped images so went on line n saw copic markers , they sound great but don't know what paper to use with them n what black non bleeding ink pad to use as a beginner.... Can u suggest me some names of paper stocks n ink pads for beginners n ny site from where I can buy them from ? I'm soooo lost here , very interested but don't know how to begin with .... If can do guide me I'll truely appreciate it , thanks ....


Wow, that is the most extensive ink comparison I have ever seen. Bravo!!!!

Bessie Segal

I have revisited this post again {& again} as there are so many ink types & sub-categories that it's hard to remember what to use for each stamping session.

The article is so helpful & comprehensive; thank you.

gilbert dui lawyer

Im surprised you created such wonderful works just using those materials.


Hi Ellen! I know it was a huge investment of your precious time and energy, but thank you so much for this fabulous information - and the chart is priceless. Inks can be so confusing and costly - especially when I inadvertantly purchase the wrong type for a project. My DDIL is getting started with stamps and inks and I directed her to your post - so much better than my advice and possible misinformation. I love that you are now stocking a full line of Adirondack inkpads and reinkers in the store. They are my favorite inkpads and the dye pads and especially the reinkers were difficult to find. You know how I love to do one-stop shopping at - simple and convenient.

Hugs to all, -mary

PS: Sorry for the late response - I truly thought I previously left a comment!


Thanks for the is so helpful to have all the info tabulated!

I was confused, though, because your report said that Archival ink would work with watercolors, but the table doesn't list it as a suitable ink for that...will it work for watercolors?


Pat S.

Hi Ellen!
Thank you for the fantastic charts!
Your descriptions of all the different inks are excellent, but those charts are so easy to use...what a great reference guide!

laurie hunt

Wonderful, detailed comparison. Thanks Ellen.

joanne sharpe

thank you so much!! What a great resource. I will surely tell my students about your site, and link them to all your knowledge! Your sharing is greatly appreciated....

Terry McCagh

This is wonderful information. Thanks for sharing your knowledge...

Harriet Hensley

Thank you for this .... you don't know how much I have wanted to know these comparisons...this is very valuable resource....thank you...and you shop has things that no other that I have found does...thanks for that too

Kathy V.

Ellen I know this type of information is time consuming to prepare, but it is so useful. Thank you so much. You really do have a gift for teaching and sharing your experiences.


Oh my gosh!! When I think of the money I've wasted buying ink and trying to figure all this out, (without success, I might add). Thank you to you and your talented team for preparing all of this priceless information. You are the best!

Cheryl Randall


WOW!! I am so glad that you shared this with me when I was at the store. nI was ablr to glean quite a bit more information from it to add to my knowledged base

Thank you so much.


Sharon Harnist

Wondeful compilation of information, Ellen -- thanks so much!

Diane O.

VERY informative great information!!!

Penny J.

Ellen, thank you SO much for this info and all your hard work. You never cease to amaze me. Your care for your customers and their opinions sure shows in everything you do.

It is so exciting that you are now carrying the full line of Adirondack inks along with the reinkers. I absolutely love them and will need to work on getting the rest of the colors.

Debbie Griffin

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I'm sure this took forever to compile, but it is exactly what I needed to know! You are amazing!


Thank you - this is such helpful information! (plus I've been looking for a truly opaque white ink and now I know to give Adirondack a try.) Thanks for all the work that went into this!


Thank you so much for all the info about inks. The charts are great! I appreciate all your hard work :-)

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