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June 16, 2006



Fantastic tag Becky! I love the house and the textured snow!
I am keeping my fingers crossed to win one of these fabulous prizes! Thanks for the chance!


You can also punch two holes in the left side of used cd's and make a mini scrapbook, fancied up birthday card, etc...the possibilites are endless.

Heather McNally

Oh Ellen - you are so wise, talented, and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Carol - HB

Ellen, from me and all the "visual" girls like me...
THANK YOU!!! You rock girlie!

Lisa Strahl

You are going to make me buy this aren't you?!?!?! :P

Asela Hopkins have to let me know where to get one..Thanks


ohhhh ahhhh...such pretty colors! :D

QC're *SO* technical! LOL!! Good pics though. Dontchya just LUV yer 'gater??! :)


ooooh - this is a MUST have tool Asela!!! You can be oh so organized and punch through everything with this lovely gadget!

Asela Hopkins

Oh no.....!! Another thingy I have 'ta buy...just went out and bought some gel pens...what are ya gonna have me want next!..Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful it!

Bevie Pearl

wow!! *wink* *wink*


OMGosh... Ellen, you DA BOMB BABY!! The stopper thingie (bonking my nauhgin). Oh, THE BOMB!! :)

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